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Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling at Abbey Design CenterKitchen Remodeling at Abbey Design Center
Let us design your new kitchen! We will help you select the cabinets, countertops, floors, backsplash, fixtures and even appliances that best fit the space. Of course, while we strive to achieve that perfect kitchen, we also consider your finances and aim to find the remodeling products that offer a solution to fit your budget. Finally, even the best kitchen design will not lead to a successful kitchen remodel if not paired with superb craftsmanship. Through focusing on our client's needs first and foremost, our team delivers every kitchen remodeling project that is both aesthetically pleasing and superbly functional in design and quality.

Here are some steps you can take when you're thinking about a major remodel.

If you're even thinking about a kitchen remodel, odds are you have been leafing through design magazines and watching HGTV. Both are great ways to jumpstart the process, but to get the most out of this step, you'll need to do more than turn pages and program your TiVo.

While looking through magazines, tear out photos of kitchens that appeal to you and write what you like about the room in the margin. Then slip the page into a clear sheet protector and insert that into a three-ring binder to create a stylebook.
The Internet is another source for kitchen inspiration. If you see a kitchen that interests you on HGTV, often photos of the room will be available on . Simply print the photos and add them to your stylebook. As your stylebook grows, a clear picture of your desired style of kitchen will begin to emerge. That's helpful for you, but it's also helpful for the remodeling professional you will eventually hire.

There's obviously a reason you want to remodel your kitchen. What is it? Perhaps you want a kitchen that will help with resale in a few years. Maybe you desire a kitchen built for entertaining or one that allows several people to cook at once. This is the time to assess your needs and wants. Make notes about how you plan to use the remodeled space, then try to distill all that information into a one- or two-sentence goal such as, "My casual and open kitchen will be a place for family and friends to relax and enjoy healthy meals."

To get a general idea of how much you have to spend on a kitchen remodel, you will need to crunch some numbers. NARI offers a worksheet that makes the math easy. Are granite countertops a must-have? How about stainless steel appliances? Do a little research into the costs of your wish list items and compare them with your preliminary budget. Are you on target?

When most people hear the word budget, they automatically think of money. However, when remodeling, it's also important to budget time. Is there an event on the calendar that would be affected if your kitchen was under construction? Discuss your time budget when interviewing potential remodelers.

Above all else make sure you have reasonable expectations when it comes to your kitchen remodel. Talk to people who have been through the process before. Understand it's going to take a certain amount of time, it'll be a certain amount of mess and there will be a certain amount of financial stress. Knowing this you can prepare yourself better to ride through this time and look forward to the finished product you will enjoy for years at the end of the process.