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Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling at Abbey Design CenterBathroom Remodeling at Abbey Design Center

If your bathroom is leaving you dry and you yearn for an updated look it's time to remodel! There are three types of remodeling projects to consider.

1) Change a few fixtures and spruce up the walls with paint or wallpaper or tile.

2) Change of all permanent fixtures but keeping them all located in the same spots.

3) Complete gut of all fixtures, changing walls, electrical and plumbing lines.

The higher the number above, the more time consuming and costly the project will be. So whether you are undertaking a few cosmetic changes or a complete bathroom remodeling, you will want to carefully plan your bathroom project to save time and minimize unwanted surprises. Arranging for temporary accommodations during a bathroom remodel may be a big consideration for homes with just one bath.

If you're not sure which one of these bathroom remodeling projects you can afford you'll need to get an estimate of the costs of fixtures, cabinets, pipe & fittings, lumber, finish materials and labor. Budget the expensive materials carefully. Your designer and salesperson can do all this in a matter of couple of days. Plus, they will provide you with a detailed drawing and a diagram of the room with the new layout.


One of the hardest remodeling challenges is designing a functional, appealing bathroom in a small area. Every remodeling job is different but a common solution is to borrow space from an adjoining room to enlarge the space.

A plan may also be required by building officials, but it's a great way to formulate workable ideas, arrange fixtures, and diagram mechanical runs.

Getting waste pipes from the soil stack to fixtures (with proper flow) can be a real chore and slightly altering a fixture's location on the plan may save you a lot of work.

Features to consider for your bathroom remodeling project Access: usable for an “8 to 80 year old” person, door opens inward and away from fixtures, non-skid flooring, smooth & rounded countertop and tub deck edges, grab bars for tubs, low whirlpool deck & steps.

Convenience: double-bowled vanity, separate tub & shower units, adequate natural lighting, easy-to-clean floors & fixtures, good ventilation source, partition wall for sink/toilet/tub separation.

Storage: some counter space or shelving for toiletries, towel bar/hooks, temporary laundry space, a non-shared drawer for each family member.